Why is self-responsibility (apparently) so difficult to achieve?

  • Some people think they are responsible because they comply requests and are puntual. Yet, they do not comply to their self-care.
  • Some people think they are responsible because they pay their bills and taxes on time. Yet, they do not comply with their personal habits.
  • Some people think that keeping up with a wellness program makes them responsible (and in a way it does). Yet, they do not comply to figure out which other wellbeing areas they are taking for granted in a fantasy that only one way of wellbeing (financial, mental, emotional, physical, social…) will do the whole trick for them. Every-friggin’-thing matters!
  • Some people think they are responsible because they never miss to please their bosses, becoming the employee of the month, year and decade. Yet, they do not comply to be the self-carer of the day, or less. This could also apply to pleasing just anyone (friends, partners, lovers, parents, and even social media followers).

Is compliance to the outside a bad thing to care for?

Nothing is good or bad itself. The problem with actions, attitudes and behavioural patterns is the lack of consciousness related to them.

  1. To act like nothing happened and stand back up as soon as possible to do a normal life, what can lead to a later limp for life if the leg damage wasn’t properly addressed and rehabilitated.
  2. The other option is to make a complete assessment of the leg damage, cast it if needed, be patient on the healing progress being conscious that it may take time and be uneasy, even annoying and maddening. And then have a full rehab program where patience and frustration management are not optional. Then the leg can fully recover and go back to running, training, dancing or whatever with no limps.
  • Do you avoid projecting an image or a weak and/or stupid person?
  • How much do you need to be right in an argument?
  • When sh*t happens do you tend to find someone/something to blame?
  • When something goes wrong and it was your responsibility, how often do you make excuses (too much traffic, stupid Government, slow computer, abstract business, “everyone does it”…)?
  • When you do something that hurts other people, do you usually find a way to rationalize the whole thing and put yourself in the “I’m right” position?
  • How much do you complain or criticize on everything that happens in a way that doesn’t match your version on how life should be?
  • How much do you let yourself make learning-oriented mistakes?
  • How often do you need to have the right answer or the very best piece of information?
  • How angry / upset do you get when someone lets you know that you have an opportunity area or say you’re wrong, or that your point of view has weaknesses?
  • How anxious do you get when you are supposed to be patient?
  • How often do you judge yourself and on which topics / areas?
  • How much does your self-worth depend on being the best at something?



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Mónica De Salazar

Mónica De Salazar


Green MBA + #CreativeProblemSolving Consultant. Focused on Business Strategy for Digital, Social and Environmental transformation. Founder of @LifeStrategics.